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Toy Story 4

Disney and Pixar really know how to turn a guy into a teary nerf ball of emotions! I saw Toy Story 4 today and all I can say is: I’M NOT CRYING! YOU’RE CRYING!

Without any spoilers, we get to see a wonderfully brief look into the past movies as a “catch up” montage but we are quickly re-introduced to where Andy left Sheriff Woody and his Roundup Gang as a gift for a new kid, Bonnie.

While we get to see and hear from our old friends: Buzz, Rex, The Aliens, Bo Peep, Slinky Dog, Hamm, The Potato Heads, Jessi and Bullseye some of the best and most interesting characters are the ones we are introduced to in this movie. I won’t go into detail about these new characters but I will say that adding the likes of Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Tony Hale, Ally Maki, Christina Hendricks, Carl Weathers, and Keanu Reeves to the cast made their characters “come to life” with their performances. Ducky & Bunny y’all!!! You’ll die laughing.

With strong themes of the difficulty of change and understanding one’s purpose in life, Toy Story 4 is not just a great adventure for the kids, it had me locked in for the entire 100 minutes.


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