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Frozen II

by Kdub the Dreary Jester

I’ve seen this trailer exactly 617 times since it’s release.

Look out Penguin Army!!! We saw Frozen II and it’s time to squawk dirty about it. 

Let me start out by saying that I saw a tweet that perfectly sums up how I feel about this movie.

That said, I had such a great time at this movie. Queen Jessi won pre-screen tickets to see the movie on the Tuesday before anybody else. I guess if The Dirty Penguin was more than a third-rate movie review blog and podcast, I would have written a review sooner than now to be “ahead of the media buzz”. You know that The Dirty Penguin doesn’t work like that though. The Dirty Penguin waddles its own way.

Back to Frozen Deaux…

As previously mentioned, Queen Jessi won prescreen tickets but was stuck rescuing orphans from burning buildings while feeding the hungry and getting the laundry done so she asked if I could take our daughter, Princess Maymay, to see the movie in her stead. As a dutiful Father/Jester, I jumped at the opportunity to take my young daughter to see her favorite Disney Princess embark on another adventure. After a long day of school, I picked up Princess Maymay and we set out on our special movie date. On the ride, we listened to the Frozen soundtrack to be ready and she told me (between songs, of course) how Anna is her favorite, even though most people like Elsa more. 

We got to the theater and had to leave our phones with the management so we had no opportunity to pirate the movie, or else I’d totally hook you up. The theater wasn’t packed. There were some local move reviewers and special invite guests. We were early, and excited, so it was difficult to stay in our seats, there were other kids there dressed as Elsa. Princess Maymay reminded me that I forgot to pack her frozen dress several times that night, and still does today. She gets that from Queen Jessi. 

When the movie started, my daughter was locked in. I know she was super tired but she was in it for the long haul. From the opening number with Anna and Olaf and the rest of the gang, Maysen was bought in. At one point in the movie, Princess Maymay turned to me and said, “daddy, I’m tired.” I asked her if she wanted to leave but she gave me a look like I was absolutely crazy. Another valuable skills learned from Queen Jessi.  Princess Maymay laughed and did magic snow stuff like Elsa on the screen. (We had nobody sitting immediately near us so it was ok to break etiquette a little!)

I won’t go into spoilers, I’ll let you see it for yourself. My feelings about the movie aside, I had a great time seeing my daughter watch her favorite hero’s adventures on the big screen for the first time… and Anna & Elsa’s adventures were pretty good too.


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